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Operation Dawn Canada is a faith-based non-profit ministry that promotes addictions recovery through spiritual therapy, the power of the gospel, and most importantly, the love of Jesus Christ. The board of directors, as well as all teachers and assistants are Christians who volunteer their time, knowledge and love towards the cause. The entire team at Operation Dawn Canada strongly believes that full recovery from addiction is only possible through Christ.

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Our Latest News

Operation Dawn would like to invite you to the Premiere for

“The War of Sobriety and Dazedness”. A documentary series about recovering drug addicts – the addiction and journey to drug rehabilitation. Yng-Jaw JIING, the director, is a former Golden Horse Award reviewer, documentary filmmaker, and Drama Professor at National Taiwan Culture University.

This is a 1.5 hours documentary that began filming in 2020 and took approximately 1.5 years to complete. It features the various experiences of five drug addicts. For over 40 years, Operation Dawn has been involved in gospel-based drug rehabilitation and has established rehab centres all over the world.


Free Admission with limited seats (first come, first serve)

Premiere Date: Saturday April 22nd, 2023

Premiere Time: 7:00pm

Place: Toronto Christian Community Church (TCCC), 100 Acadia Avenue, Markham, Ontario

Our Mission

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To bring people to Christ

Operation Dawn helps develop the mind, body and soul to overcome all addictions through faith in Christ Jesus.  Recovering addicts establish a strong faith foundation that will help them make better future decisions.

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To prevent substance abuse

Prevention must begin with education.  Classes on the harmful effects of drug abuse are provided.  Attending seminars and testimonials to communities, churches, and schools help further develop the addicts’ ability to comprehend the negative effects of drugs.

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To train missionaries and pastors

Operation Dawn has developed a comprehensive training program for those who devote themselves to the cause to become leaders in the ministry.


Our Core Values

We are Christian
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We believe that God is the catalyst for change for people with life-controlling addiction e.g. drugs and alcohol

We Are Committed To the Addict
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We believe that a balance of love, accountability and training are required to prepare the individual for successful re-entry into the society.

We Value People
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Our students, donors, staff, volunteers, churches, board members, and advisory councils are appreciated and worthy of respect and honour.

We Are Stewards
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We are committed to manage all resources entrusted to us, recognizing that we are ultimately accountable to God.

There is Hope!
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Life-controlling addictions can be permanently overcome!

Our Needs

Regular maintenance work to keep the building and facilities in shape

Enhance the awareness of addiction problems especially on drugs in Canada by reaching out to local churches

Engage more volunteers to Operation Dawn Ministry

Future of Operation Dawn

Plan to expand the facilities in the rehabilitation centre e.g. a bigger training room

Core Values
Let's Connect

Let's Connect

If you have any question, want to know more about us, and / or want to support our ministry, please fill out this form and email to us.


If you need immediate assistance, please call (647) 636-9836 and leave a message to Pastor Ming. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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