Small Therapeutic Group led by experienced teachers and volunteers

Our residential centre can accommodate up to 8 students. This student group is led by an onsite teacher who is a recovered addict and has successfully gone through the Operation Dawn Addiction Recovery Program. Many of our teachers have received addiction worker training from Operation Dawn Taiwan and have practical experience in helping people struggling with addictions. Students will live in a safe and supportive environment with others who share their addiction experiences and will receive daily help and encouragement from our team of supportive and caring teachers, volunteers, and helpers.

Non medication assisted

Our program does not involve the use of medication to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. However, medication for any other health related treatments are permitted.

The Steps to Recovery

    1. Addiction Recovery Program: : Applicants for the Operation Dawn Addiction will first visit a medical doctor to undergo a comprehensive medical assessment. Their health conditions are carefully evaluated prior to the admission to our recovery program. The Program is a set of structured weekly and daily discipline activities that help to develop the students’ knowledge of God, personal character, and inner self. The holistic program allows for the rehabilitation of the student’s body and mind which often suffers various consequences of prolonged substance abuse. Individual or group sessions in the program work together to help students to understand the root causes of their addictions and develop Biblical intervention and coping strategies.

    2. Aftercare support: This involves developing a plan for ongoing support after completing the addiction recovery program. This may involve support from the ODC guidance team, ODC Alumni, the student’s family and related church communities.

12 month program

Our addiction recovery program is a 12-month residential program that consists of three consecutive four-month periods.

At the end of each month, an assessment will be conducted to evaluate the progress of the student. We strongly believe that the 12-month program is designed to provide students with a good foundation that is necessary for lasting addiction recovery with restorative and transformative results.

We understand that at times, some students may choose to leave before finishing the 12-month program . Conversely, some students may request an extension to stay in the program beyond the 12 months. Our team will work with each student to determine the best course of action based on their individual needs and circumstances.

In certain situations, students may be able to pursue their recovery program at an Operation Dawn Centre located outside of Canada.

The three 4-month periods can be classified as follows:

The students will be gradually introduced to the daily schedule and disciplines of the Operation Dawn Addiction Discovery Program. While they will begin to see notable improvement with their health after adapting to a sober routine, their psychological cravings may persist.

During this period, students continue adapting to the program’s discipline. The teacher’s guidance and modeling, along with Biblical teaching, prayer, group sharing and discussion, may lead to a transformation in the students’ attitudes, values, and habits. As a result, their worldview may shift as they experience personal growth and gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. This period can be seen as a time of growth.

During this period, students’ attitudes and behaviors may be influenced by God’s word and the Holy Spirit. This may lead to the development of new values and a worldview that can establish a strong foundation for building upon their new sober life. Before graduation, discussions will take place regarding the students’ integration into their home and community.

Different roles of the Operation Dawn Guidance Team

Dawn Passion – Operation Dawn’s passionate directors, teachers, and volunteers may assume one of these roles to help students during their road of addiction recovery:

    1. Teacher – Life Rebuilding
    2. Caregiver – Health Rehabilitation
    3. Counsellor – Inner Self Restructuring
    4. Reconciler – Relationship Restoration
    5. Guide – Future Rebuilding

The Guidance Model

Christian Addiction Recovery Program is based on the principles of Biblical Guidance. The Guidance team counsels and teaches students with Biblical truth, which gradually influences and guides their growth and transformation through the practice of God’s Word.


Operation Dawn’s Addiction Recovery Program, also known as Gospel Drug Rehabilitation, is centered around the Gospel message. The program relies on Biblical teachings of the Good News of the love and salvation of Jesus Christ to change the lives of the students and achieve transformative therapeutic results. As such, the study of the Bible is at the core of the curriculum. Some of the Biblical and Christian Fundamental courses be included as foundational courses in the curriculum.

A. Daily Personal Disciplines

    ● Rest
    ● Bible Reading, Prayer & Meditation
    ● Classes
    ● Chores & Tasks
    ● Cooking & Food Preparation
    ● Leisure & Free Time
    ● Physical Exercise

B. Group Sessions / Classes

Our daily classes are provided covering the following areas:

    1. Bible Studies
    2. Character Development
    3. Life skills & Interests
    4. Exercise Program

C. One on One mentoring & counselling sessions

D. Community Participation

    1. Weekly Sunday Church Service
    2. Occasional Special Church Programs