Operation Dawn Canada is a faith based non-profit organization that provides an Addiction Recovery Program to help individuals overcome addiction. Our mission is to empower people to break free from their addictions and start anew.

Christian Belief
Caring and Companionship
Understanding and Acceptance
Healing and Restoration

Our board of directors, staff, teachers and volunteers are compassionate individuals who understand the challenges of addiction. We are deeply committed to addressing the addiction crisis in our communities and believe that recovery is possible for everyone.

At Operation Dawn, we recognize and accept that every individual has their own unique set of challenges and imperfections. We believe that our program can empower those living with addictions to overcome their struggles. The secluded and peaceful location of our centre provides a safe space for individuals to rehabilitate from alcohol, various substances, and other addictive behaviors. Our program is designed to help students examine their inner selves, take action to restore broken relationships, and regain control of their lives through the grace and love of Jesus. Our team is committed to guiding, accompanying, and supporting them throughout their recovery journey.

We believe that addiction recovery is a holistic process that involves the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Our Addiction Recovery Program teaches Biblical principles and helps people acquire new values that can help to resolve concealed issues of the inner self. Through faith in God, individuals can lead transformed lives free from addiction.