The Best Thing I Ever Did

My name is Jeffrey and I am 30 years old. Before I worked as an assistant technician atmy parent’s hair salon. I was stuck in this position due to my drug habits, I was not able to advance being a hair stylist. I tried doing hair school but quit after 3 months because I have poor foundations with school and studies in the past, I was never able to complete and achieve much. I was addicted to marijuana and cocaine. I had trouble staying home and I wasted a lot of money chasing a reckless life. My family couldn’t tolerate my way of living so they went to find help for me. My family were not Christians but they knew people who were in that community that knew about Operation Dawn. My parents told me my relationship with them was going to be jeopardized if I don’t accept the help I needed and I got scared knowing they have no choice but to give up on me, so I listened and submitted myself to OD.

Already I have been here for a year, I must say this experience here in OD is probably the best thing I have done for myself and my family. Over the 14 years of using drugs, I knew putting back a year to quit is not a waste of time, in fact this is just the beginning for me if I want to live a happy healthy drug-free life. There is so many things and places I want to do and go and I understand the old lifestyle had to change. During this year, I have the opportunity to meet many new people, people with good Christian faith. They have dedicated their lives to help drug-addicts like me to renew my life by coming to know who Jesus Christ is. Luckily I have accepted their teachings and as I accepted God’s words I have experienced God’s salvation, saving me from my deadly lifestyles and I get God’s love from the teachers and brothers here. We learn how to live as a family and on loving each other in God’s words. I was able to feel my health drastically improve, getting good sleep and oxygen to breathe and time for workout to get strong. I have improved in my reading and writing with my studies in the bible and in the classes that were prepared for us. I have learned to cook up a meal not only for myself but for the family I live here with. I learned to take care of this center like as my own home embracing what responsibility is.

This year was only possible because of the compassion and commitment I see the people here invest on me, so I understand my responsibility to give the same effort back and to complete this program. I am aware of my journey here in OD and the God I surrendered to, who accepted me and saved me, and walked with me every day here. I will remember all that I have learned in Operation Dawn. I had many good and joyful times with my brothers and teachers who lived together. I am thankful for the grace of the directors and all the teachers who taught me over the year.