How do you deal with the students with signs of withdrawal?

In the initial phase of overcoming withdrawal symptoms, there are always supportive teachers who are available around the clock. These teachers used to struggle with addiction too, so they really understand what the students are going through. Furthermore, the teachers have proper training to help them out. Their personal experience means they truly understand the student’s journey from the inside, making them the perfect people for providing understanding and encouragement. .

How do you address students with mental health issues?

At times, addicts commonly face mental health challenges, excluding the more serious Schizophrenia, which may arise as a consequence of extended substance abuse. Prior to joining our 12-month recovery program, we require an assessment from a licensed doctor regarding the students’ mental health. With the doctor’s guidance, you may be referred to receive help from the mental health professionals, or get help from a Detox Center first before entering the Operation Dawn Centre. We encourage students to maintain a regular medication routine. Our goal is to foster a loving and caring environment, believing in its positive impact on mental well-being.

How long does most treatment for addiction last?

Our recovery program is 12-month long where we focus on positive change ! We believe conquering addiction requires a life transformation from within. This recovery journey involves reshaping one’s values, beliefs, and who he is — a process that takes time. We are here to support the student, sharing real success stories to inspire and guide him on this empowering journey.

How much does addiction treatment cost?

Our 12-month recovery program comes at no cost to the student, covering accommodation and meals. However, we do ask for a $500 deposit with your application, which will be fully refunded upon program completion. Our service is supported by churches and Christian communities, without any government subsidy. We’re here to support the student’s journey to recovery, focusing on his well-being without the pressure of a price tag.

What to prepare during the assessment and evaluation at the start ?

To maintain a caring and secure environment, we ask for the student’s recent medical report and criminal background along with his application. His well-being, as well as that of all students, is important to us. Sharing this information ensures we can better support him on your journey.

Are there treatment programs that are specifically made for the drug I Use? make a treatment plan that fits my needs?

It is our belief that overcoming addiction necessitates an internal transformation. This recovery journey encompasses the reconstruction of one’s values, beliefs, and identity. Our approach has helped many face various challenges. Minor adjustments can be implemented to accommodate the student’s unique circumstances.

How do you go about giving each person individualized care, and how do you track their progress?

We use a reliable system from Taiwan that has proven effective. Our full-time teacher faced the same challenges and successfully completed our program. Now, he’s well-trained to support students. He’s available at the centre 24/7. We regularly assess individual progress in stages, with each stage lasting 4 months. Recovery of every student is important to us, and we’re here to guide him every step of the way.

What is the success rate of programs that treat addiction?

Since 2004, our service has successfully assisted individuals in Canada. Focusing on those who have completed the program without relapse in 5 years, our success rate stands at 25+%, reflecting a notably high level of accomplishment.

Can you provide examples of success stories from individuals who have completed this program?

Yes, there are numerous inspiring success stories of individuals whose lives underwent a remarkable transformation, breaking free from the chains of addiction. What’s even more heartening is that many of these individuals have dedicated their lives to assisting others in turning their lives around and overcoming addiction.

As a global ministry with centers in various countries, we are genuinely eager to share these uplifting success stories with people who are interested in the program. Whether in video format or in writing, we’re here to provide people with stories of hope and recovery.

Are there programs that offer aftercare or help people avoid relapse?

We recognize that making a lasting recovery involves leaving behind old habits, addiction, and even one’s previous social circle. It’s a crucial step towards long-term well-being. Upon completing the 12-month program, we are committed to connecting the graduate with local churches and the Operation Dawn alumni network. This support system is designed to provide ongoing encouragement and guidance after he completes the program.

Furthermore, we’re actively exploring the possibility of establishing a halfway house in the future to offer continued support in his journey to sustained recovery. With the right resources and connections, we believe you can build a fulfilling and healthy new chapter in his life.

How do I get help if I relapse during or after treatment?

Breaking the chains of addiction is undoubtedly a challenging journey. Operation Dawn welcomes those in need with open arms, provided they successfully pass our admission assessment. Some people who successfully completed our program have even joined more than once. We’re here to support them through every step of their journey to recovery.

What credentials and licenses do the people who work in the treatment centre have?

In our recovery program, we have a team of dedicated professionals, whether they serve as consultants or volunteer teachers. This includes licensed lawyers, certified healthcare practitioners and doctors, psychotherapists, pastors, and more. Each of them contributes their expertise to ensure the students receive comprehensive and caring support on their journey to recovery.

How can I get my family involved?

Family support and encouragement play a vital role in the success of recovery. At our centre, we recognize the importance of family involvement. Families are welcome to visit their loved ones once a month in a setting carefully designed to provide support without causing distraction from our program.
Additionally, we organize regular family gathering events, creating opportunities for families facing similar situations to come together, share experiences, and support one another. Yes, your family is an integral part of your journey.